Neighborhood Captains

Local Drop Off Points

Neighborhood Captains communicate the needs of MOR to their local communities and act as donation drop-off points. They commit to driving donated items to MOR’s main Distribution Center as needed. If you are interested in becoming a Neighborhood Captain, please contact [email protected].

Why Become a Neighborhood Captain? See What Our Neighborhood Captains have to say:

Every time we get to share that we are a drop off site, we get to count two blessings. One, of course, is the sharing experience. The other is to remind young people to be grateful and to be part of something bigger than themselves!”

“A neighbor dropped off donations one day and stayed to chat. She told me how much it touches her that I collect and make it easy for neighbors to donate because she was a child who relied on those donations and now she is in a spot to help others because of other people’s hand-ups!”

The generosity of those around me that constantly give. The fact that my children now for their birthday parties ask for donations to LOR as opposed to gifts.

Being able to share the how our local organization positively affects our neighborhood even though we may not see it everyday.

“I have the time and being a foster parent, I realize how needed and valuable this resource truly is!

Wanted to spread the word for such a great organization and to help those in need.”

My daughter is a social worker and sees first hand the need and what an awesome job LOR does for the community.”